Brutalist architectural style candle holder characterized by its presence and sharp angles. Sculptural piece that create the perfect ambience to enjoy the best moments of life.

Ufo it’s an elegant table that can be used as coffee table or side table.

A Fruit bowl that combines democratic object  with modern shape with ancestral aesthetic. A piece that balances with its own weight and creates interaction between individual and object.

Table lamp that explores the concept of gravity suspension and interaction between two different cosmic shapes.

It’s an elegant object that can be used as a fruit container or as a simple piece sitting on a kitchen counter or a sideboard.

Simple and functional object with a timeless elegance that can be used to place fruit or as a simple decorative piece. It will be prominent element that will grab the attention in the center of a table or sideboard. Available in two sizes: large and small.

To evoke the skyscrapers of his home base, Manhattan, Javier Gomez designed Tower Marble side table using and eclectic style with black and white tones of marble. A useful furniture piece that stands out in entrance hall, living room or suite. Design by Javier Gomez

It can be used as a single piece or assembled with other equal pieces in two different positions that allows to build a furniture piece, a screen or a wall.

Serpentine Modular System | Essenzia

Side table inspired by architectural proportions of ancient Rome. The structure is made of brushed brass with polished marble top.

Set of useful items which includes vase, basket, glass and tray. The pure and elegant shapes enhance the beauty of marble.

Pen holder made in natural marble with simple and meticulous details.

Pipe it’s a wall hanger with simples forms made in solid marble, selected from production leavings.

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